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Jah Is Changing All
Söhne Mannheims
Aus dem Album Zion
Aus dem Album Power Of The Sound
Aus dem Album 4 Your Soul

don't let your head hang down child
walk your walk and stand up tall
for the weather might not stay this mild
'cause jah is changing all
fall into the arms of your creator
when the gate open for you
144 thousend elevators
one of them might get you through
this earth is changing faces for babylon must fall
no more hiding places for jah is changing all

now you know this eath's a ball
but only one can play with it
seated in his holy hall
he will judge you when you're hit
try to set the world on fire
you might fail a thousand yaers
but on a good day we might strike back at the empire
and cange them and their gears

the third remark goes to your consience
that might lead me to your soul
so all the false assumptions may fall into a hole
as bagpipes catch your ears you listen and you learn
you learn to lose you fear so you might not be concerned

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